Our Birth Philosophies Do Not Matter


When being interviewed, doulas often get asked about their birth philosophies. It’s a harmless enough question, but in reality, our birth philosophies have no bearing on your birth.

Why’s that? Because our birth philosophy doesn’t matter. Plain and simple. What does matter is what YOU want and believe. Your philosophy is our philosophy! You need a doula who can fully support you no matter what and won’t push their ideas. We can do that!

Your birth philosophy is our birth philosophy!

Do we have our own birth philosophy? Sure, but again, it doesn’t matter. Do we think birth should be more natural and as it was intended? Yes, but you won’t hear us tell you that. You want an epidural? OK, I’ll call the anesthesiologist for you!

Our clients can rest assured that we will not pressure you one way or another and you will get nothing but our full support for all your choices. Natural birth, cesarean or C-section, epidural, home birth or hospital birth, we are there for you!

Cast your worries aside and breathe easy knowing you can count on us for 100% judgement free support. All you need to do is relax and make the choices that are right for you!

Contact us today!


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