Celebrate You This Mother’s Day!


We all know that giving birth is not the only way to be a mother. Adoption, surrogacy, step-parenting, and even fostering. It’s the time, dedication, and love you put in to raising these small beings that make you a mother. Parenting is the hardest job you will ever have but is also the most rewarding. We would do anything for our children without even second guessing it.

Here at Freya Birthing Services, we want to honor and thank all the selfless moms out there. Whether you are giving birth or are a fresh new mom in her postpartum period, remember that you are important and this world would never exist without you!

Take some time out of your day for yourself because you are worth it!


Motherhood is not simply
Giving birth and then
Putting in your time
Waiting for the moment when
The children grow
And off they go
To thrive or falter
On their own…
Motherhood is not the sum
Of all that you have done
Motherhood is who you are
Whether they are near or far
Motherhood isn’t what you do
It’s the very heart and soul of you.

Rene Mancourt


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