Birth Services

What exactly is a birth doula?

While you’re all set for baby to come, you may be experiencing some anxiety about actually being pregnant or feel a little panicked about birth. Some common feelings we hear are “I’d like to go natural, but I’m scared of how badly it will hurt,”  “I’m worried the provider will push for interventions I don’t want,” And “I’m not sure my partner will know how best to support me.”  We also hear, all the time, how mothers don’t like feeling out of control. From when baby will come to getting the birth they desire to being overwhelmed with pain.

So, what can a birth doula do to help these women address those concerns?

  • Provide prenatal consults to plan 
  • Give the partner confidence in their role
  • Judgement free support the entire time
  • Freedom to choose how to birth
  • A relaxing environment
  • Techniques that can help make labor easier and more comfortable
  • Flexibility to meet changes to the plan
  • Postpartum follow up care 

Are you ready to set up a consult? It’s free! We’ll happily provide you with more information and answer any questions you or your partner may have.

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Birth Services and Pricing

Freya Birthing Services offers affordable birth doula pricing with optional payments plans to Canton, Akron, and surrounding areas.