Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide for my birth?
During labor and delivery, we offer physical, emotional, and educational support.  We combine our knowledge of childbirth with natural pain relief techniques to bring you comfort during your labor. We act as your servant (doula means servant in Greek!), bringing you a drink, rubbing your back or feet, offering an encouraging word, following your lead for your birth, giving suggestions or tips for the different stages of labor to both you and your support team, and explaining what your options are if you need more information about suggested deviations from your birth plan.

How many times will we meet? What will we cover in the meetings?
If the client decides to hire at the standard package, we will meet twice before labor and delivery.  Generally, the first meeting will be a birth plan preparation meeting to review your options, answer any questions you may have about those options, and help you develop a birth plan. The second meeting is a coaching session about natural pain relief techniques, giving tips to the partner on how to support the mother, and to explore any fears that may exist surrounding the upcoming birth. Of course, clients do not have to follow these and can discuss different topics if they so choose. We are present during labor and delivery, two hours postpartum, and we also schedule one follow up postpartum visit to see how mom is feeling, answer newborn care questions, and to talk about the birth experience.  Additional prenatal consultations can be purchased if you feel you need more support.

Do you replace the role of the partner or other support people I choose?
We could never or would try to replace the valuable support that is provided by the partner, mother, friend or relative.  We completely respect the role that person or persons play in the birth experience. Your doula will work as a team with these people to provide you with the experience you need. You define our role in your birth. If you want us to be hands on, providing physical support, then your partner can be whispering encouraging words to you.  If you’d rather we sit back and bring a drink or fetch another cold wash rag while your partner does a hip squeeze and your mother holds your hand, that will be our role.  We can also be the main support person, very hands on and encouraging, or more of a director, giving ideas to your support people when they aren’t sure how to best support you in that moment. You tell us want you need and how you want to be in your birth space, and that will be our role in your birth.

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Will you respect my religious or moral beliefs?
We offer non-bias support, 100% of the time, regardless of religious or moral beliefs. There will be no judgement surrounding your birth in any aspect including personal beliefs. If there are cultural or religious practices you will be using as tools during your birth, we will accommodate those to the best of our ability, and always without judgement.

Do you only support natural births?
We offer support for the birth you choose. We recognize that interventions can be tools for a safe and healthy birth, and if you choose to use those interventions during birth, we will offer support.  Our clients have chosen to birth naturally, with interventions or have elected for cesarean. All of our clients receive the same comfort and reliable, non-judgmental support.

Do you offer support to non-traditional families?
Freya Birthing Services supports all families.  Period.  No clause. You define what your family looks like, and we will support you as the birthing parent and any partner you choose.

I am using a midwife/natural birth center/holistic doctor. Will I still benefit from you being present?
A doula has a completely different job than your midwife or nursing staff.  We are non-medical, and that is a big difference.  Your provider is going to provide the best medical care possible for you and baby. Your nurse has a very important role, medically as well. However, neither will be able to provide 100% focused emotional support to you if needed, while they are also providing medical services. Our job as your doula also begins well before labor starts. We prepare you mentally and physically in the months leading up to your birth.  We spend time with you educating you on your options and instilling confidence in your birth. And once we join you during the labor process, we continue that support, while working together with your midwife and nurses to offer the best of both worlds.

Do you speak for me or act as an advocate on my behalf?
The doulas at Freya Birthing Services do not speak for or act as an advocate for our clients.  Our job is to support your choices. If you don’t know what options you have, we can provide non-biased education so that you are able to make the best choice for your family. We teach you what questions to ask so you gather as much information as possible to make a decision, and give you the tools needed to be able to speak for yourself. However, we will never answer questions for you or speak up to a doctor on your behalf. We will support you if and when you choose to speak for yourself.

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Can you tell me about yourself? What experience do you have?
Learn about our doulas here. Each bio will give you more information on that doula, their training and experience. You can also ask all kinds of questions at an interview.  Book an interview here.

When I should I hire you?
We accept bookings at any point during your pregnancy.  It is always better to book early to ensure availability. Contact us to schedule an interview.

What are your prices? Do you offer payment plans?
All pricing is listed here. We require a deposit when the contract is signed, and the remainder of the fee is due by week 36.  We offer flexible payment plans, and will work with your situation.  The sooner you hire, the more time you have to extend the payment plan.  We also offer a $50 discount for services paid in full at the time the contract is signed.

How do I book your services?
Fill out our intake form, and we’ll be in touch to get the process rolling! Once you’ve decided to hire us, we will send you a welcome email that includes a link to your contract (all online – super easy) and an invoice for payment.  You’ll receive a phone call that will answer all your questions, set up payment plan options and book your prenatal consultations.  In order to reserve a spot on our schedule, we must receive both your signed contract and the deposit for services with a payment plan schedule for the remaining amount. If we only receive one or the other, we will be unable to hold the spot.

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