Benefits and Research

Recently, a study of over 15,000 women was done to show the results of having continuous support versus the “usual care”. The results show that women who received continuous support…

  • were more likely to go into spontaneous labor
  • were less likely to have pain medication
  • reported more positive feelings about birth
  • were less likely to have vacuum, forceps ­assisted and/or Cesarean births
  • were less likely to have babies with low APGAR scores at birth

Results of the study found that the best results came when women had continuous labor support from a doula, not from a medical staff member or partner alone.

Women who have used doulas not only have better birth outcomes, but are more satisfied with their birth, and are better able to handle changes to their birth plans while in labor. The doula is there with the information and support families need to better process changes in the birth plan and empowers them to advocate for themselves the decision that best fits the family.

Doulas are there for YOU and you alone. That is the beauty of hiring a doula to be present at your birth. Being present. Doulas are there from beginning to end. They do not have other patients or obligations to tend to, pulling us away from being there and present for you.

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