Frequently Asked Questions

What is placenta encapsulation?
Placenta encapsulation is dried powder from the placenta of one woman, encapsulated to be consumed during her postpartum period. Studies have shown that consuming the placenta (placentaphagy) can have significant positive impacts on a postpartum woman’s well being.  Anecdotal evidence suggests placenta remedies can increase milk supply, improve mood, slow lochial bleeding, increase energy, lessen fatigue, and feelings of sadness.

How is the placenta processed?
For capsules, the placenta is steamed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and then dehydrated.  Once the placenta is completely dehydrated, it is ground into a fine powder. That powder is then put into capsules.

Are there documented benefits to consuming placenta?
The research surrounding placenta consumption is limited, but growing.  You can read some of the reported results here.  However, with placenta encapsulation becoming more and more popular, there is an overwhelming amount of woman saying they have seen positive results.  Clients of Freya Birthing Services have also offered their experiences. The results can be read here.

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Where do you process the placenta?
The placenta will be processed in your home. This is the safest and surest way to know your placenta is being processed safely and it truly is yours and only your placenta. As an added benefit, you will have our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist at your disposal to answer any questions you may have about the process and benefits of having your placenta encapsulated.

Who picks up and drops off the placenta?
You will be responsible for making sure the hospital or birth center knows that you are keeping the placenta and then taking it home with you.

How soon will I receive my placenta pills?
After you call to notify us of your new addition, an appointment time is set up to begin processing and encapsulating your placenta.  This usually occurs within the first 24 to 48 hours, however, it could take longer or shorter depending on the time you or your significant other are able to bring the placenta to your home.  Once the process is started it takes approximately 24 hours to complete the process.  The total time from birth to pills is no more than 72 hours, barring any unforeseen circumstances getting the placenta.  We want to get them to you as quickly as possible to aid in your postpartum recovery.

Is there anything added to my placenta capsules?
There is never anything added to your placenta capsules. If the placenta is processed following the TCM recipe.  Ginger and myrrh could beadded to the water beneath the placenta, but it will not be included in the placenta capsules themselves. This can help to increase the tonifying qualities of your pills, but is not necessary in the TCM method.

What will it taste like?
Placenta has a metallic, mineral or gamey smell to it.  You may notice a slight, similar taste, although, many women report not tasting or smelling anything. To combat this, clients usually take their capsules with meals.

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What kind of training do you have?
Our Placenta Encapsulation Specialist trained with Placenta Benefits, Inc (PBi).  He also holds certification from OSHA for their blood borne pathogens training and an Ohio Food Handler’s Certification.

Why should I choose a placenta encapsulation specialist?

  • Knowledge As a trained PBi placenta encapsulation specialist, we know the research behind placenta encapsulation. We have gone through a training process to ensure we understand the benefits, and can explain them in an evidence-based way. We have been trained to understand variations in placenta, when it is safe or unfit for encapsulation, and what contradictions to look for and adjust preparation method or capsule dosage when needed.
  • Safety Our placenta encapsulation specialist holds certification in both safe food handling and blood borne pathogens. We follow strict guidelines to make sure our work space is clean and safe, within government regulations set forth by OSHA and the EPA.
  • Peace of Mind The placenta you consume is guaranteed to be your own. We make sure the placenta is clearly labeled as your own, and only one placenta is processed at a time.  There is no chance of you receiving capsules that are not your own.

Why are you so picky about storage temperatures?
We require the placenta be stored according to our guidelines, or we will be unable to process the placenta. This is because we want to make sure there is absolutely no risk of contamination or bacteria.

What do I do with my placenta until you arrive to encapsulate it?
We require the placenta to be maintained at a temperature between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit if the initial appointment has been set within the first 48 hours.  This can be done by putting the placenta in a gallon size bag and placed in the darkest, coldest part of your refrigerator.  If you are unable to have us come within 72 hours then the placenta needs to be frozen.  We will give you additional instructions on proper freezing and thawing if this is the case.  If you are still in the hospital then the hospital can refrigerate it for you, or you can place the placenta inside of cooler in two gallon size Ziploc bags sandwiched between two gallon size bags of ice – one above and one below.  This will maintain proper temperatures for 12 hours.  The placenta will need to be transported to your house within that time.

What disinfectant method do you use on your tools and work area?  
We use bleach to disinfect our tools and work area. We do not offer a substitute method.  To ensure safety and eliminate the risk of contamination, bleach at the proper dilution is the only substance we will use.

What is the pricing and what are the package options?
All pricing is available here.

What happens after I hire you?
You have officially hired us once you have signed the contract and paid in full. We are available to you at any time before your birth for questions.

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