Postpartum Services

You’ve been waiting and waiting, and, finally!, your beautiful baby is here! Congratulations! But, now what?  You’ve had so much help and support at the hospital, and now you’re expected to take this baby home and do it yourself.  Your mother tells you one way to raise the baby, your best friends tells you something different. The baby book has another recommendation entirely! Which do you choose?  Do any of them feel right to you?

A postpartum doula will be there for you. To calm your worries. To help with household chores. To rock baby so you can grab a shower. We listen while you express your worries and frustrations.  We hear what YOU are saying you want for your new baby and the family life, and we try to match parenting philosophies with what you’re saying you need.  We’re there to help.  To ease your mind. To make the transition a little smoother.  Completely, 100% judgement free.  We don’t know what experiences you’ve had to make you decide a certain parenting style is best for your family, but we do know that you’ve made the best decision for you and we will support you.

Our staff is experienced with newborns, trained in breast and bottle feeding, disposable or cloth diapers. We can refer you to the best stroller or baby carrier for your needs.  We will do all we can to make the transition into life with this new addition peaceful, calm and happy.  The way it should be.

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