Frequently Asked Questions

What is a postpartum doula?
A postpartum doula is a trained and experienced professional who guides new parents through the new baby experience with education, information, and support.  We focus on the whole family, providing care and support, assisting where ever the family needs it, and allowing mom the support needed to recover from birth.

What is the difference between a postpartum doula and a baby nurse?
A baby nurse provides support to the baby to give the family some rest.  A postpartum doula focuses on the needs of the entire family.  Our services extend beyond the needs of the baby, and encompass many areas of the family life. See a list of example services here.

Are postpartum doulas only helpful to breastfeeding parents?
While postpartum doulas are valuable tools to breastfeeding mothers, we support all families, regardless of their method of feeding. For breastfeeding mothers, we can call on our extensive knowledge of breastfeeding to assist and support, but we also are knowledgeable on bottle feeding and pumping. We are happy to wash and sterilize bottles, measure formula, clean breast pump accessories or bottle feed baby. We support the needs of the family, whether baby is breast or bottle fed.

I’m having my second/third/eighth baby. How can you help me?
Each new baby brings a change in the family dynamic.  Postpartum doulas are there to support the family through that change.  We can provide sibling support when mom is changing or feeding the baby, rock baby to sleep while parents play with older siblings or help wash or fold the even larger mountain of clothing.  We step in to help until families get back into their own groove after each new addition.

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I adopted my baby, and am not recovering from birth. How can you help our family?
There will still be significant changes to the family atmosphere with the introduction of your precious new bundle.  Postpartum doulas can help with that change, offering education and non-biased support.

How often do you come and for how long?
We come at whatever level you hire us. The minimum amount of time is four hours per day. Some new parents choose to have us come every day for the first week, then gradually lower the amount of support per week until they are managing on their own.  Whatever you feel would be most appropriate for your family, will be how often we come to you.

What parenting philosophy do you follow?
We understand that each family will do what is right for them.  We do not advocate for any parenting style, and instead listen to what you’re saying feels right.  We follow the needs of your family and your lead when it comes to offering support and advice for your family.  We can provide non-biased education for different styles of parenting, if requested.

My mother/friend/sister is coming to help. Will it be too much with both of you?
We happily work with any other member of your postpartum support team.  We work with the needs of your family.  If mom wants to take a nap, and grandma wants to cuddle the baby, we will do the dishes or fold clothes.  We can even help mom find her voice to prevent unwanted advice, if needed.

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My partner is taking time off. Do I still need a doula?
The transition from life before baby to after takes a toll on each member.  As your postpartum doula, we are there to support each member, including the father. Our support extends beyond mom and baby, and we can help while each member finds their role in life after baby’s birth.

Isn’t postpartum a form of depression?
The term “postpartum” refers to the period a women experiences after the birth of a child.  Sometimes, women experience depression during that period as a result of a shift in hormones combined with a massive change to her every day life. While a new baby brings immense joy, depression is still a common experience.  Having a postpartum doula can alleviate some of the stress, fatigue, and feelings of being overwhelmed during those first few weeks, which can lessen the chances of postpartum depression.

How soon after birth are you available?
We can be available to you immediately after birth.  You decide how quickly you’d like to us to join you after the birth of your child.

Wow! Is there anything a doula doesn’t do?
Well, yes.  We are non-medical professionals. That means we are not able to do any kind of medical work or give any diagnoses. We can suggest you talk to a doctor if we notice something that is out of sorts or refer you to a lactation consultant if your breastfeeding relationship is hindered, but we do not offer that support ourselves.
We also do not do any heavy cleaning. We will do light cleaning to assist with the day to day functioning of your household, but if you would like a full house clean, we would be happy to refer you to one of our local housecleaning references.

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